Your new puppy is a baby, and a big responsibility.  From the moment you take possession of your new puppy you become responsible for the care, observation, health and well being of another life.


Here at Squaw Creek Kennels one of our vets is on premise at least once a week to do puppy health exams.  We require new owners to take their puppy to the licensed veterinarian of their choice for a routine "new puppy wellness check" within 72 hours of possession at the new owners expense.  If the new owner chooses not to do so, all guarantee shall become null and void.  At no time is Squaw Creek Kennels Responsible for any Vet bills what so ever. 


At this early age we can guarantee that the puppy is suitable as a companion animal only.  Your puppy may be suitable for breeding or show but that cannot be evaluated with accuracy at this age.  With the puppy being found healthy and suitable for a companion animal by by new owners vet, at initial wellness check, the sale becomes final.  Except For:  Your puppy is guaranteed for the diseases it has been vaccinated for, till the date SCK recommends puppy to have a booster shot.  Give a booster vaccination to puppy on ___________ If booster vaccination is not given on specified date, all guarantees are void.  Note puppies should have booster vaccination till 16 weeks of age.  I have read article that suggests 20 weeks.  Then a combo booster is needed yearly.  Once booster vaccination has been given on date specified by SCK, it is between new owner and their vet  as to when next booster is due.  In the unlikely event new owners vet detects something during initial puppy check deeming puppy unhealthy and unfit for companion animal, contact SCK Immediately.  Puppy must be returned within 48 hours at new owners expense.  Along with written CONCLUSIVE diagnosis, copies of any evidence/documentation that supports diagnosis (X Rays, Blood Tests) plus registration papers.  Any Vet diagnosis may be subject to confirmation by a second vet chosen by seller.  No refunds, exchanges, adjustments will be granted on any part of this guarantee until all above mentioned articles are provided in allotted time.


Your puppy is also guaranteed till one year of age for any major congenital/genetic defects.  Again all aforementioned articles must be supplied to us within one week of diagnosis at buyer expense.  Buyer understands nutrition is one of the most important factors in the good health, proper growth and development of any puppy.  Only feed a premium quality, high end, size specific, dry puppy food.  Feed a puppy food formulated for the size of the puppy.  Examples of size of puppies are toy, medium, large, giant.  Toy and smaller breeds should be on puppy food till one year of age.  Large and giant breeds till 2 years old.  A high quality food will save you money in the long run.  A high quality food will allow your puppy to eat less, poop less, and possibly save vet visits.  For example, some vets believe hip dysphasia is 90% nutritional and environmental.  Don't feed cheap grocery store feed.  We feed and recommend Royal Canine Foods.  Other good foods are Science Diet, Iams Eukanuba.  Unless otherwise specified this guarantee does not cover any noted faults at time of sale, example (overbite). 


Any noted faults: __________________________________________________________________________


Other comments:_____________________________________________________________________________


We go to great lengths in our breeding practices, vaccinations program, preventative and health maintenance programs, sanitation, etc.  All this to provide you with a healthy happy exceptional quality four legged family member.  That will give you years and years of love, devotion,  enjoyment, happiness, and life enrichment. 


Congratulations on your Squaw Creek Kennels puppy.


I have read, understood, and agree to this health guarantee AND the "Care & Observation of my new baby/puppy" section. 



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