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About The Owner

Read the story of how SCK began and learn about its owner, Ed VanDoorn

Applying for one of our puppies

So you've found a little one that you'd like to bring home. What's next? Read this article to understand our process.

How big will my puppy get?

General guidance on predicting the adult size of puppies

Why vaccinations don't work (and why they do)

A general view into maternal immunity and vaccinations.

Health Guarantee

Your new puppy is a baby, and a big responsibility.  From the moment you take possession of your new puppy you become responsible for the care, observation

Potty Training

This article describes one of the best methods of potty training a puppy.

All About Registries

What you need to know about professional registries.

Dog Years

How to Calculate Dog Years to Human Years

Terms of Service

Contains terms of service policy

Pet Separation Anxiety

Find out how to recognize dog separation anxiety.

Privacy Policy

Our statement on privacy

Being a new puppy parent

New puppy tips to help with some common pet parenting mistakes.


Article which describes how the COVID-19 pandemic has effected our operations in 2020.

Breed Information: Chihuahua

AKC Standard for chihuahuas

Breed Information: Rottweilier

AKC Standard Breed description for Rottweiler

Breed Information: Havanese

AKC Standard Breed description for Havanese

Breed Information: Cavalier King Charles

AKC Breed Standard for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Breed Information: Pomeranian

AKC Standard Breed description for Pomeranian

Do you provide a Health Gaurantee?

Yes, of course we provide a health guarantee

Breed Information: Dachshund

AKC Standard Breed description for Dachshunds

Breed Information: Maltese

AKC Standard for the Maltese Breed

Breed Information: Miniature Schnauzer

AKC Standard for the Miniature Schnauzer Breed