Please be advised that since the COVID-19 pandemic we have been receiving contacts far beyond our capability to instantly reply as we typically have done in the past. We apologize for the delay, but rest assured we WILL get back to you if you contact us via one of the many methods, we have made available. A couple of items to note:

    • Although we do understand the potential frustration with our delay in responding, sending us irrational and demanding messages via one or more of our contact methods will not help.
    • Please fill out the Puppy Qualification Application located in the available puppies’ section of our website. It will very much expedite the process.
    • Please do not just visit the kennel without an appointment. We have absolutely no problem welcoming anyone and everyone to visit we just would appreciate the courtesy extended to us and our furry friends of being aware of the fact we are about to have visitors.
    • Electronic communication methods really are the best way to initiate initial communication with us. We are very much a business that runs on personal relationships and personal interactions; however, initially we need to get the most vital information from you and as outlined above, the puppy qualification application is the best way to get us that information
    • Every contact with us is tracked and logged whether it be a phone call, and email, a text message, etc. We do this to be on top of potential ways that you've tried to reach us. Simply to re-emphasize the first point above, contacting us with rude, profane, irritated, expectant, demanding messages simply because we have not responded to you within an unknown timeframe absolutely won't help.

We do get every single request - We will absolutely get back to every single request we get, we just ask for your patience and understanding as we work through our incredible backlog. Thank you for getting a hold of us, we DO appreciate you very much and we will be speaking with you soon!