• Our Kennel's USDA Reports

    Keeping with the core principals of Honestly, Quality, and Integrity that Squaw Creek Kennels was founded upon, we have made available our most current (covering the last 3 years) US Department of Agriculture annual inspection reports, un-altered and in their entirety publically available via our website at http://www.squawcreekkennels.com/about-us/usda-reports

  • A Note From Marilyn

    It was 12 years ago that I first spoke to Ed Van Doorn. I purchased a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Blenheim type from an upscale pet shop in New York City. When I received her papers, I called to speak to her breeder, Ed. Not having any experience with that breed, I had a handful of questions and Ed was so knowledgeable and friendly to me. My Katie is the most beautiful and healthy 12 year old now with a feminine personality and lovely temperament. She was so smart her training was easy and she became a therapy dog. Since that time, I now have Mimi, a Cavachon, Lola, a Chocolate Cocker Spaniel and just recently a Golden Doodle named Holly. They are all "Ed's girls" and are beautiful, smart with the kindest and gentlest dispositions and fun personalities. They are truly people puppies. If you ever want the most loveable puppy with an incredible disposition, go to Squaw Creek Kennels and speak to Ed Van Doorn. You will be happily rewarded by having the most special dog in your life and meet a man who will help you find the perfect furry soul mate!

    Marilyn Lichtman

    New York, N.Y.

  • We're Back Online!

    Over the last two weeks we've made some improvements to our website as well as fixed a number of the ​persistent issues we've received feedback on over the last few months. Please check out or site and keep an eye peeled for new articles and blog posts in the near future!

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  • Teresa, Chloe & Kids

    Digging through these letters and photos has been a lot a fun. Here's another that I thought I'd share.

  • Molly’s first Christmas

    This post was published to Squaw Creek Kennels at 11:16:35 PM 11/24/2013

    Molly’s first Christmas

    Category            Testimonial

    Thank you Kathleen for sharing your note and photos of Molly with us!

  • Jan, Fred & Fritz!

    Jan and Fred sent us this note a few months ago of the "perfect addition to our family" named Fitz. I remember when Fitz left SCK he was just a little guy… I can't believe how much he has grown! Thanks for the note and photo Jan and Fred!!


  • Meet DeeOGee

    We just love getting updates on our kids once they've settled in with their new family. In our mail today was this note from Nora along with the cutest pictures ever! Thank you Nora!

  • Marilyn's Video Tribute to her SCK Kids

  • It's Here!!

    Two years of planning, developing, programming & designing & it's here!!! The Squaw Creek Kennels website!

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